Green South Records started primarily because there is a lot of great Celtic, Folk and Roots music out there that hasn’t made it into the digital realm. Acts like Cobbers, who released 11 albums in total, none of which were available online.
I felt strongly that we needed to ensure these great albums were preserved and the acts who made them received their due recognition. That’s where it all began.

The label started towards the end of 2016 after lots of encouragement and support from friends and musical colleagues.
Since we began we’ve been growing exponentially; with every release we get some more traction, with every bit of support we’re able to connect with more music lovers and better promote the artists who are on the label.
In addition to reissuing classic albums, we’re committed to nurturing and promoting new and emerging talent and in doing so make Green South Records the place to go to find great Celtic, Folk and Roots music.
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Green South Records is your home for Celtic, Folk and Roots music in Australia. Along with new releases we are committed to reissuing previously undigitised Folk and Celtic records as part of our commitment to preserving the rich history of these songs.

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Dave Walker

GSR founder, Dave handles most of the A&R, new signings, recording and setup as well as all the other things required when needed to keep a business moving along. More

Phil Georges

Phil is a partner in Green South Records and handles the bulk of our mixing and mastering work, is our client liaison for mix revisions and handles our DSP uploads. More