Pete Fidler is the muso's muso; a multi instrumentalist of the highest calibre. He's made his name as a sideman and session player and now he has stepped from side of stage and into the spotlight with this brilliant new album.”

Track Notes

Take That Train
This song previously appeared on my Slide Night CD, sung by co-author Chris Bitcon. (He wrote the awesome bridge). One of my go-to songs (every sideman needs a song or two they can call up). Surprise banjo solo, please be gentle.
Leaves Don’t Fall
Previously appeared on Big Bug Trio EP. A song about being homesick about Nashville and Melbourne from Melbourne and Nashville
Buzz in the Room
Written in a Formula 1 motel room with a very noisy air conditioner at the National Folk Festival 2015
We Sail at Dawn
Newish dobro tune that I’d struggled with for months until I decided to speed it up a bit, I love playing it now and expect it’ll evolve as it gets played live
(full title: I miss You Like You Left Me Yesterday) - a three-chorder with a (hopefully) catchy chorus. And an extra chord. Another one written on the road, actually in a plane en-route to Newcastle 2015
Modern Murder Ballad
This is a song I’ve had for a while, previously recorded with the Somervilles but my dobro playing has come a long way since then and the sound of my new Scheerhorn is exactly what I was waiting for.
This Time
A folky/acoustic rewrite: this song originally had a lyric “you’re nearly 24” which means I wrote it when I was 23 … for all you psych collectors out there, first appeared on Tyrnaround LP, “Succeeds When Daylight Fails” 1987. The dobro is the Holoubek reso that’s on the CD cover.
Pete has been carving out a career as an in-demand musical sideman for over a decade. He’s known mainly for his dobro, or lap-style slide playing, however he also picks a mean guitar and mandolin and has a long and complicated relationship with the banjo. He doesn’t play fiddle.
He is a regular performer with singer/songwriter Bill Jackson and fingerstyle guitar maestro Nick Charles.
Pete is a member of traditional bluegrass band Bluestone Junction and has toured with other great bluegrass acts including The Davidson Brothers, Mustered Courage, Jimmy the Fish (with Liz Frencham and Robbie Long), and Gleny Rae Virus & her Bluegrass Playboys. He previously held down the dobro chair in bluegrass bands The Somervilles, Sunshine Harvester, Big Bug Trio and Little Rabbit.
Pete’s recording session resumé is extensive and encompasses many different styles and artists. Recent recordings include Pete Denahy’s “Singing Shoes”, a dual Golden Guitar winner (Best Bluegrass Album, Best Instrumental), also Damian Howard’s “Ned”, Freya Josephine Hollick’s upcoming CD, “The Unceremonious Junking of Me” and a track on Liz Frencham’s “You & Me Vol 3”.
Pete released his debut solo CD, 'Slide Night' in 2008, a collection of original and classic bluegrass-flavoured tunes and songs featuring his
slide playing and a huge line-up of guest artists. 

Buzz in the Room

After a long wait, 2016 brings Pete’s second solo project. Buzz in the Room is a collection of six original songs and a brand-new dobro tune.
“Buzz” was recorded, mixed and mastered in a flash of inspiration in less than a week. Pete played everything on the CD. 

“After Slide Night, I’ve tried to finish the next solo CD a few times and always fell down in the middle of the project, whether because of other priorities or I just wasn’t feeling it … this time I had the house to myself for a week and turned it into a recording studio … there were guitars and take-away leftovers everywhere but I finally found a focus by concentrating on my own songs. All of these songs have been recorded and released on other CDs before, … and fallen by the wayside. If I want to keep them alive I’ll need to start singing them myself” ~Pete Fidler