Troubadour and old time folk singer William Alexander hails from another time; when plain speaking and honest story telling were essential components of any good song.”

William Alexander's new album The Kid From Bourke marks a large leap in the young singer’s skills and talent both as a singer and as a guitar player. Noticeably more confident in his performance on this new album than on previous recordings, William’s strong voice and guitar picking are accompanied on many songs by fiddle player Cat Moser (of the old time duo Cat & Clint) from Blackwood, Victoria.

Recorded at Sound Recordings studio (ArcherC.W. Stoneking) in Campbell’s Creek, Victoria as a mono recording directly to tape by Alex Bennett with Dave Walker (Green South Record) as producer.

This is William’s first release on vinyl.

Inspired by time spent back in Bourke in recent times, this record features a diverse collection of songs. Including traditional ballads from the history of folk songs, tragic, painful country songs such as Red Foley’s Old Shep, and many songs penned by Alexander himself touching on his struggles and shortcomings, becoming a father and of course, his love for his birthplace as heard in the single from the album titled Wanaaring Road.

William Alexander has been called many things in his short but full life, including titles such as the 'Gentleman of the Bush' , 'The kid from Bourke' or ’Young William’.

He is most at home when close to a river and surrounded by the plants and animals that bring life to this country. 

He has always had a love for history and knowing about what life was like back when people stashed all their savings in their bed mattresses instead of the banks. Like many musicians, music is a way that William can communicate his experience of life in song, though he often finds the words of others to be valuable for telling stories of love gone wrong, living on the road, and working in the sun. 

So for William, folk songs are the perfect coupling of his twin loves of history and story-telling song. If heart touching (breaking) tales from the Appalachian mountains interest you, or the stories told through early Australian and American country music get your heart pumping, then perhaps William Alexander is your man.